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CS - 111



Product Details

We are a leading consultancy firm with over 15 years of experience in quality control, product design manufactures marketing of molded articles.
To enhance your business we provide you the following services

1. Meeting corporate/export clients and understand their requirements.
2. Based on client's requirement, to suggest them concepts/ideas for products/projects etc.
3. To design new products.
4. On approval of design,develop 3D model or solid prototype model.

5.Prototype moulds also can be made to carry out survey of product/booking etc with small qty production.
6. To work out cost of mould/products/projects.
7. On approval of cost part, go for fabrication of mould.
8. To suggest attractive and pleasing colours to the product as per market needs
9. To suggest and design/shoot appropriate and attractive packaging for the product including lable/sticker designs.
10. If required,marketing assistance also can be provided on short/long term basis.
11. Techno-commercial assistance can be provided.