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CS - 152



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Polymer technologist, having total 14 years experience in the field of polymer stabilization, additives, filled and reinforced thermoplastics, polyolefin blends and alloys, Additive and specialty masterbatches is available for consultancy projects.

The consultant has proven track record of having developed a number of products for commercial applications including compounds for automotive bumpers, instrument panels, TPE and TPV's, wood filled PP, flame retardant PP. Consultant can provide solutions for developing customized solutions exclusive for clients.

Consultant's area of expertise covers compound recipe development, on-line quality control systems, testing of compounded products to match customer specifications. Consultants can liaison effectively with vendors for automotive, appliance and other OEM's. Compounds can be developed for molding and extrusion applications. Consultant can provide services for business and market development for various end-use sectors.

Consultant has excellent linkages with additive suppliers, both within India and overseas and channels for opening market development of compounds and masterbatches in export markets.