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CS - 206



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Plastics Compounding Technologist:
We have almost 30 years of experience in plastics compounding especially with engineering compounds.

We specialize in engineering plastics. Well aware of formulations, structure-property
relationships, functions of various additives and their effect on end-use properties.

We have worked with both leading privately held and multi national companies.

We have made significant contributions in developing all-new products and materials

We can redesign formulations to reduce cost, improve process efficiency and end-use properties.

We help introduce all new products.

We have in-depth knowledge of plastics compounding technology and twin screw extruders. Worked with twin screws, Buss, Banbury kneaders and FCM machines.
We have worked to establish two major grass-root plastic compounding projects in India.
Well versed with plant design, project management, vendor negotiations, liaison with engineering contractors, government formalities and plant management:

Project experience:
- Twin screw compounding technology.
- PBT compounds, Glass-filled, FR.
- Twin screw compounding of PEEK, PES, PPSU and other
- Specialty polymers with glassfibers, carbonfibers, etc.
- Compounding technology, window profile extrusion.
- Compounding technology and recipes of PBT, PPE, PC, PA6, Glass filled, FR, mineral filled grades.
- Compounds of PA6, PBT and PC, glass and mineral filled, FR.
- Complete masterbatches project and set up new plant
- Technology of PC, PBT, PA6, glass filled, FR.
- Development of FR engineering plastics for electrical energy meters for exports to EU countries.
- Development of fillers for compounding with engineering plastics.