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Consulting to BOPET and BOPP manufacturers
We support manufacturers of BOPET and BOPP films globally. We work as the partner for them and support them in increasing their business by developing new types of films, Support in sourcing and bringing in cost reduction and also work in areas related to manufacturing to increase productivity and improve Plant performance. Some of the activities which we do as a part of our consulting initiatives are mentioned below.
- Sourcing Strategy Consultancy of Raw Materials ( PTA, MEG, PP ), Equipments and Chemicals
- New Types of Film Development for BOPET and BOPP manufacturers.
- Sale and Purchase of Used Production Equipments and lines.
- Improve Productivity and Operating Performance of the BOPET and BOPP Lines.
- Developing Client Specific Reports for BOPET and BOPP market.
- Cost Reduction activities for the BOPET and BOPP Manufacturers.
- Increase Plant performance and improve Productivity.
- Pricing Model for costing of Materials and Products.
- Supplier Discovery Services ( Spares, Equipments, Chemicals etc)