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CS - 253


Mumbai, India

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Mineral Water Plant

Which water customer wants to use we must check, suppose

Using bore water, we take that water sample & test on a Lab.
- That water specially need to test all mineral, test & color.
- (Minerals means Calcium, magnesium, iron & ext particles in a water PH / TDS / conductivity) If we fill there is not good quality we request to customer make a more deep drill or change a place & make other bore where we get good result , start to make layout for factory, decide working space with proper dimension.

For the plant we chose best equipment:-
1) For RO system:
- arrange pump with chlorine dosing pump, send filter, d-chlorine dosing pump, carbon filter, anti-salient dosing pump, bag filter membrane for RO system , with pump
With reject water & product water, (after 6 to 12 month for membrane long life, need chemical treatment, we provide a system).
- Product water storage on tank, using cartridge feed & Transfer pump to micron filters & UV sterilizer, ozone with O2 system with output storage tank & control panel for whole system.

2) Filling Machine:
- first input conveyor to fill empty fresh bottle which is with air blower (no bottle no rinsing) come to the rinsing rotary section, rinse bottle with RO water, come to filling rotary section, fill RO water inside a bottle, come to the capping rotary section, here cap will provide by hopper-loader to capping section, tight caps on bottle come out to conveyor for observation unit, here quality controller will check each & every bottle to observe that inside fill water is pure without any particle or dust & pass ahead.

3) Batch Coding Machine:
- inject printer which print batch no, present date & expire date.

4) Label Shrink Machine: this is use to set & fix a label on bottle particular place which is shrink inside shrink tunnel.

5) Shrink Packaging Machine:
- Here set of bottle like 6/12/24.

Set of bottle shrink with pp plastic & made a good packaging.
6) Lab:
- For chemical lab & micro bio lab.
- We buy chemical equipment for testing chemical process,
- Micro lab for checking micro-organism process.

7) There are other many machines we able to provide like
A) Pouch fill machine 500 ml or 250 ml.
B) Plastic transparent glass 500 ml.
C) Cap type pouch 250 ml or 500 ml.
D) 20 litters jar fill system.
(This all systems according to capacity we able to provide)

Above all equipments buy from reputed company within 2 month we get ready equipment, for the payment terms normally 50% advance
& 50% before delivery, check proper working of machine with a good satisfied demo from manufacture pack plant in a wooden box, loaded goods on transport & on customer place offloaded goods,
Open all wooden boxes chq perfectly with material list & set a plant as per layout place decided one by one team work arrange, start to installed plant, as per factory electric / water / plumbing work arrange & with the help of team work start one by one plant as well as giving tanning people from team, here in all this team work people get good information about whole plant & knowing from beginning they
Learn each & everything, after finish installation set a all different store for raw material, start production & gives a good success result.