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CS - 30


North India

Product Details

We offer New Product Development Process like:

a.Selection of Raw Material.

b.Development of Blends & Additives to meet the requirements of Product Performance.

c.Selection of processing method.

d.Processing Guidelines.

e.Guidance for mould Design.

2. We help in Trouble Shooting like:

I. Problem solving for Thermoplastic processing

a.Injection moulding.


c.Film Extrusion.

d.Blow Moulding.

II. Modifications in Raw Materials.

3. Value Engineering:

a.Reduction in cost.

b.Improvement in Quality.

c.Increase in production rate.

d.Improvement in overall finish & appearance of product.

4. Effective use if Grinding material without compromising aesthetical & quality parameters.

5. Ploymer Educational courses:
c.Live Demonstrations.