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CS - 180



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Over 34 years of experience in all areas of plastics extrusion industry achieving consistency.

Areas of expertise:
- Formulating engineered resins - color effect and matching in both prime and recycle.
- Lab testing / quality control including ISO, UL, OEM and other agency approvals
- Creating material data sheets and material safety data sheets
- Training - process mapping / flow - writing procedures
- Size reduction by shred, grind, pulverize, and hammer (cryogenic / liquid nitrogen)
- Recycle, extensive in diverse processes which depend on material in/out form.
- Blending in low-medium-high intensity in forms pellet, regrind, powder, liquid.
- Extrusion pellets, sheet, and profile on twin/single/pin including screw design

Molding both injection, blow including tooling
- Coatings/metalizing
- Packaging - warehousing - shipping
- Utilities - electrical, gas, water, air, railroad
- Six sigma - lean manufacturing - preventive maintenance (PM)
- Safety and environmental rules and regulations
- Marketing - sales - customer development - management all levels - accounting

Experience history:
- Recycle processing, technical training including process controls, equipment / process specification (new/used),
- Plastics resin manufacturing, compounding, resin/color formulation, lights-out operations, molding, and profile.
- Working with many compounders, recyclers and OEM's like Carrier, MTD, Black & Decker, Visteon (Ford Molder) and many more. Can travel any were in the world but normally Mexico, USA and Canada.

- Built and started a compounding facility in upstate New York. Managed all aspects of facility, including railcar unloading, pulverizing (including Nitrogen), hammer mill, blending, screening, de-metalizing, packaging, extrusion (twin and single), hammer milling, shredding, grinding, full testing lab with mechanical, chemical, FTIR and DSC.
- In addition, managed recycle programs with GEP, DuPont, Ticona, Stein Fiber, and Fina Oil & Chemical. Including: resin types plus nylon-6 & 6/6, PET, LCP (Encore production) pellets, drools, regrind and fiber.

- Responsible for building a recycling facility, receiving with resin ID staging, sorting, grinding, re-packing.
- Processing forms include: Drools/plops, regrind, pellets (off specification), and fiber. Customers include: Stein Fiber, DuPont, and Allied Signal.

Coordinator, GE Plastics, Selkirk, NY.
- Modified equipment and processes, built a 5-line compounding facility handling both prime and recycled resins.
- Resin types PPE, PPE/Nylon, PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/ASA, ASA, ASA/PVC, PEI engineered resins and others.
- With blending, formulation, QC, color, extrusion (twin, single, pin, cross head) and packaging responsible.
- Extensive new equipment comparison evaluation and testing.