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CS - 260



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Processing and Formulation services for compounds, masterbatches, engineering plastics

We are experienced consulting advisor, market and technical researcher in the field of engineering plastics and composites for the past 20+ years, focused on experience with resin producers, processors, additive suppliers and plastic compounders. We have traveled extensively in Asia: working with the composites compounding and plastics additives industries in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Korea.

We have capability to conduct complete product development of engineering plastics formulations and additive performance, using twin screw processing equipment, injection molding and comprehensive physical property examination and UL testing.

Core Competencies

We are a distinguished leader in the plastics consulting, commercial and technical development, and the plastics testing industry. Through innovative solutions and superb customer service, clients receive a full-service solution to their formulation, market research, development and testing needs which accelerate their products to market.
- Product and Market Development for All Engineering Plastics
- Design validation for Product Applications
- Raw Material Selection (polymers and additives) and Procurement for Best Cost/Performance
- Custom Compound Formulations, Marketing Research and Applications Development (including processing) for Specific Applications, for example:
- Electrical and Electronics
- Custom formulations for Flame Retardant Applications (Halogen and non-Halogen)
- Automotive
- Durable Products
- Packaging Products
- Appliances
- Lawn & Garden
- Wire and Cable
- Medical
- Sustainable Products
- Polymer Compound Recommendations, including Deformulation, Additives, Alloys, Blends and Specialty Formulations
- Polyolefins, Polyamides, Polyesters, Polycarbonates, ABS, Alloys
- Advanced Composites
- Nanocomposites
- Processing Expertise
- Twin Screw Extrusion Processing and Compounding
- Reactive Extrusion (Grafting, Compatibilization)
- Batch Compounding Processes (eg Banbury)
- Fabrication
- Extrusion (sheet, film, profile, wire and cable)
- Injection Molding
- Global Technical Service for Additive and Polymer Clients
- Consultant to the Global Financial Sector
- Expert for global product performance, durability and safety:
- ISO 17025:2005 Laboratory Compliance
- ISO 9001
- UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for plastics