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CS - 250

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Consultant for Establishing Masterbatch, Recycling and Compounding Unit

- 11 years experience in India's leading masterbatch company, involved in colouring and recycling of Olefins.
- Experienced in colouring process of various types of plastics, such as ABS, PC, PS, Polyamide 6/66, SAN, Polyacetal etc.
- 11 years experience in owning and operating own company involved in colouring, compounding, recycling and master batches of polymers, making Universal Black Master Batch compatible with all thermoplastic materials.
- Specialized in manufacturing of recycled Nylon 6 which was supplied to other compounders like G.S.F.C, Formulated Polymers, X Mold.
- Company had a monopoly of colouring and recycling of Polyacetal Material.
- The company had a specialisation in recycling of PET (Polyester) bottles, yarn etc.
- The company also specialised in developing various shades as per specification of the customer and each shade was was developed considering the compatibility of the pigment with different polymers.
- All machines required for all the above activities was self developed.
- Nylon 6/66 recycling