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CS - 371


Maharashtra, India

Product Details

We are an organization with its team having more than 10 years of consolidated work experience.
Our services are primarily focused on improving business profitability, simplifying business processes and ensuring steps for business sustainability.
Primary objective of our firm is to identify root cause for business process issues & recommending solutions, simplifying complex business processes, enabling controls for risk & system deficiencies and identifying opportunities for exception based monitoring to strengthen review and control mechanism.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP):
Process manuals to standardise flow of tasks, fix KPIs and evaluate them

Business Process Review:
An in-depth examination of current processes with a focus to improve them

Internal Audit:
Periodic review of an organisation processes and transactions for evaluation of internal controls

MIS Dashboards:
Business dashboards for day-to-day monitoring of activities and KPIs

System Implementation:
End to end support in ERP implementation right from selection to Go-live