Required - RM - 1109


Reference Number

RM - 1109


Middle East

Product Details

A leading manufacturer of ABS, PS and HIPS sheets and is proceeding to start the production lines of PC(polycarbonate) and PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate)solid sheets and hollow profiles. Their production capacity is around 500 kgs/hr for each line. Their consumption for Masterbatches is 2%. The details are as follow:
1) Complete transparency of sheets and profiles must be retained after mixing and processing.
2)Masterbatches must consist of Anti-UV additives for weather resistance
3)Desired colors with Ral Number
1) PMMA sheets in the field of advertising purposes such as billboard, signboards, etc.
2)PC colored sheets in outdoor applications such as construction and building, awning and safeguard, etc.
3)The PC hollow profiles are chiefly used in green house construction.
All of the mentioned applications require wheatherability property.
Please note that we need the masterbatches with color fastness as follow:
Red Color:8
Green Color:8
Blue Color:7
Heat stability of colors should be around 300°C.