Required - RM - 2811


Reference Number

RM - 2811



Product Details

Regrind PS and PP Materials:
We are a hanger manufacturing unit; we use injection molding machines and have hot runner molds. We are looking for PS & PP re-grind materials in Pellets form.
- CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)
- REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & Restriction of Chemical Substances)
- TCPH (Toxic in Packaging Clearing House) certificate (for no heavy metals) & BHT free (Butylated hydroxytoluene) certificate for each and every shipment.
- Black compound MFI should be 5 to 8 g/10min. Better to go with 8 MFI which can avoid the flow marks and weld marks on the hanger
- Density of the black compound should be 1.02 - 1.04 g/cm3
- Minimum requirement is 80 to 10 MT / month

We would like to test the samples of GPPS also.