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Samsung ABS Starex (High Heat and High Impact):
The ABS Starex (High Heat and High Impact) speciality grades are consistently showing growth in both injection molding & extrusion sectors too.

In its 'Plastic Plus' speciality product range, it offers innovative blends like: PA ABS, ASA, MABS to suit various applications of automotive, irrigation, luggage, appliances and medical industry.

Needless to mention, SAMSUNG offers consistent shade, processing ease, paint ability features, reliability, statutory approvals, strong technical partnership with customer which are creating new markets.

Starex, SAMSUNG's ABS, has set worldwide standards for cost-effectiveness and product quality. SAMSUNG makes its Starex Core Products (Starex GP-22, Starex GP-35, and Starex HI-10) using state-of-the-art technology in world-scale-plants in Europe, Asia and North America. In this manner, SAMSUNG ensures the global availability of Starex. SAMSUNG is the only manufacturer to offer two ABS grades (Starex GP-22 and Starex GP-35) with the same specification worldwide from regional production sites. Owing to its very bright and consistent intrinsic color, Starex is ideally suited for self-coloring, particularly when there is a need for brilliant colors.

The characterizing properties of Starex:
- Very bright and consistent intrinsic color
- Easy self-coloring
- High quality surface finish
- Good gloss
- Easy processing
- Short cycle times