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Rhodia Polyamide 6 & 66 Technyl:
Rhodia is the worldwide specialist in engineering polyamides.

Rhodia Engineering Plastic offers the industry's largest polyamide brand, Technyl and serves its customers through the development of innovative and dedicated solutions to serve markets as varied as automotive, electrical & electronic, and consumer and industrial goods.

Creating solutions and products for more than 70 years, Rhodia Polyamide puts all its expertise, operational excellence and creativity towards improving day-to-day life and Customer sustainable development.

From intermediates for polyamide and other applications, to polyamide polymers, as well as a PA 6.6 and 6-based engineering plastics, yarns and fibers, Rhodia Polyamide draws its strength on its fully upstream integration providing a common industrial way of thinking and a strong focus on innovation throughout the complete chain.
Rhodia Polyamide is the number one supplier to PA 6.6 polymer free market, but also one of the world's leaders in adipic acid for polyurethane and non-nylon market, the second world's leader in PA 6.6, number one in polymer in Europe and number two in engineering plastics in Europe.

With 10 state-of-the art production facilities along with R&D and technical centers, Rhodia Polyamide serves customers on every continent, with the capability to develop products and technologies locally

Engineering Plastics:
With Technyl, the industry's largest polyamide brand, Rhodia is the worldwide specialist in polyamide engineering plastics. Its produces polyamide compounds 6.6, 6, and co-polymers for every market and designs solutions for its customers all over the world.

The company serves application in three major segments:
- Automotive: Body panel, structural parts, cooling and heating, air systems, mechanical parts, transmission, interior, connectivity...
- Electric & electronics: Power distribution, industrial control, appliances, connectors, insulation systems...
- Consumer and industrial goods: Extrusion, fastening devices, machine components, furniture, consumer disposable, power tools, sporting goods, motorcycle...

Rhodia polyamide's engineering plastics business is the third biggest engineering plastics polyamide worldwide.

Latest innovations:
1) New Technyl XCell:
6.6 and 6 Polyamide grades optimized for use with Trexel's MuCell process, offering enhanced process ability and good property retention when used in the MuCell process, while maintaining an excellent surface aspect

2) Body panel:
Pure PA conductive grade for on-line painted body panels

3) Front end: Technyl Force
New plastic solution for energy management and metal replacement for structural systems as front ends

4) Technyl SI:
New plastic solution for enhanced impact and stiffness

5) Technyl alloy:
New PA/ABS alloy achieving improved surface finish and mat surface aspect

6) Technyl Star:
An outstanding high flow polyamide 6-based bringing productivity in process and high design freedom

7) Halogen and Red-phosphorous free flame retardant grades:
New solutions to respond to evolving safety regulations, rising environment awareness and increasing cost pressure

8) Technyl XT: New product especially designed for extrusion