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Polyamide 12 Vestamid, Vestosint & Trogamid - Evonik Range of Products

Properties and Benefits are -
- Good Hydrolysis resistance i.e. lowest water absorption
- UV resistance
- Optimised heat stabiliser which improves long-term performance of polyamide when used in air under higher temperatures
- Highly resistant against chemically induced stress cracking
- High resistance to ionizing radiation
- High abrasion resistance
- Noise & Vibration dampening property
- Superb Fatigue resistance under high frequency cyclical loading condition
- High process ability
- Approved in EU for food contact
- Under 21 CFR ยง177.1500 (Nylon Resins) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), our PA 12 is approved in the U.S. for films of thickness up to 40 micrometers excluding contact with alcohol containing food or beverages.

In Automotive Applications Extrusion
- Tubes for fuel systems (monowall, multilayer)
- Fuel filler neck (monowall, multilayer)
- Tubes for air brake systems
- Tubes for air leveliser systems and air suspension systems
- Vacuum brake booster lines
- Tubes for windshield washer systems
- Tubes for hydraulic clutch actuation
- Tubes for central lubricating systems
- Decorative films
- Coated metal tubes (aluminum, steel)
- Air conditioning
- Fuel lines
- Power steering
- Brake lines

In injection molding applications for -
- Quick connections
- Fuel filters
- Windshield wiper privots

Other applications by specific grades are -
- Multilayer fuel lines and quick connectors
- Airbrake lines extruded
- Tubes and bushings for windshield washer systems
- Toothbrush bristles
- Antielectrostatic housing
- Decorative films and sport shoe soles

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