For Sale - RM - 1926


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RM - 1926


Hong Kong, China

Product Details

PC / ABS Alloy is a combination of PC and ABS materials. PC / ABS alloy is high performance engineering plastic with excellent mechanical properties, high heat resistance, high heat resistance, high impact strength, and dimensional stability. With fiberglass reinforced, all properties will be highly improved.

High impact contains the best properties of PC material, good tensile and impact strength

Non - Halogen Flame Retardant - Excellent fire resistance properties.

Dimensional Stability - Good dimensional stability with glass fiber reinforcement

Process-ability - Good flow ability, good thin-wall and large parts.

Widely used in electrical / electronic applications, home appliances, industrial parts, automotive parts. For example - Printers, copy machines, fax machines, scanners, projectors, digital cameras, cellular phones, computers, LCD displays, automobile audio systems, and automobile display boards, etc.