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RM - 3045



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PC/ABS alloy

- Also Samsung Cheil offers a total solution for materials (including PC, PC/ABS alloy, ABS, Polyester blend and so on), processing technologies and engineering capabilities to create benefits for everyone in the automotive industry.

- High Heat ABS
- PC/ABS Alloy
- CNT Composite
- Metal Plating ABS
- Panorama Sun Roof Frame
- Metal Plating PC / ABS
- Direct Metallization Material

Eco-Friendly (PCM)
System of Samsung Eco Material

- Well balanced mechanical properties
- Chemical Resistance & Good Paintability
- Low TVOC

Application: Automotive Interior and other parts

High Performance - Direct Metallization

- Low Out-Gassing & Low Haze (Specified Lubricant)
- Low Warpage & Thermal Resistance (Nano Sized filler)
- Improved Surface Roughness (PBT+Amorphous PET)
- Low Cooling Time (High Crystallization Temp)

Application: Head Lamp Bezel, Lamp Reflector

Paint less Solution - Metallic / Luminous
What is "Luminous" ?:
- The brand name of newly developed metallic material
Main Characteristics

- Well balanced mechanical properties
- Good Appearance (less weld line, no flow mark)


TV & Monitor Housing, Automotive Interior and other molding

High Performance - Metal Plating

- Good Surface (No Pitting Pinhole)
- Excellent Adhesion Strength

Application: Radiator Grille, Rear Garnish, Emblem, Wheel Cover, Outside Mirror, Door Handle

Weight Reduction (40%) vs. Steel Frame
- Plastic: 1~1.5 kg / part vs. Steel: 2~2.5 kg / part
- Electrical Conductivity for Electrostatic Paint without Primer
- Carbon Nanotube (CNT) as Conductive Filler
Thermal Stability
- HDT up to 203O C for paint curing in on-line process

Panorama Sunroof Frame
Weight Reduction (40%) vs. Steel Frame
- Plastic: 5~6 kg / part vs. Steel: 10 kg / part
- Excellent dimensional stability through fiber control
- High Flowability vs. Competitor

- Samsung Cheil wide range of materials for interior to exterior, structure, lamp and UTH.

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