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RM - 1928


Hong Kong, China

Product Details

PPS is a polymer made up of alternating sulfur atoms and phenyl rings in a Para substitution pattern. We offer PPS with glass / carbon fiber reinforcement, other inorganic fillers, or metal powder additives. PPS can become heat and electric conductive, improve wear resistance.

- Heat Resistance can reach HDT 260 degree Celsius or higher
- Chemical Resistance no solvent can dissolve PPS under 200 degree Celsius
- Excellent Mechanical Properties can maintain excellent mechanical properties at 200 degree Celsius
- Dimensional Stability excellent creep resistance, low linear expansion coefficient, dimensional stability under high temperature.
- Good Process ability good melt flow ability, good for very thin wall thickness application; materials can be recycled several times without changing any properties.

Widely used in electrical / electronic applications, industrial parts, automotive parts. For examples - SMT plug-in, IC coupling, FDD main frame, stream electrical dryer, motor bearing etc.