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Polyplastics Polyphenylene Sulfide - PPS - Fortron:
Fortron because of its linear type polymeric structure it out-performs conventional PPS resin in respect of heat resistance, flame resistance, chemical resistance and dimension stability.

Fortron completely changed the industry's prior view of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) as being a brittle material. Fortron is firmly establishing is base as a new type of PPS resin that overcomes this brittleness.

This is because while traditional PPS has a partially cross linked molecular structure, Fortron possesses a non-cross linked linear structure. Needless to say, Fortron is superior in its heat resistance, flame retardance, and chemical resistance, and it also contains only very low levels of ionic impurities and exhibits superior solder ability. These properties are seeing growth for Fortron continue centered on demanding electronic component applications.

Applications are not limited to electronic components. Fortron's superior properties arc being exploited in automotive parts such as lamp sockets, water pumps, and various auto electrical components, as well as in mechanical parts for OA and AV equipment. Still more growth is anticipated for Fortron centered on auto electrical components and housing applications.

- Mechanical strength is exceedingly high, with flexural strength in particular exhibiting a high value, Excellent elastic recovery is also possessed.
- Possesses high toughness, while high values are also exhibited for compression and shear characteristics.
- Possesses superior creep characteristics even under high temperatures and loads. In addition, possesses superior fatigue resistance to repetitive stresses.
- Elongation and impact strength are high, and brittleness, a major drawback of traditional PPS, has been improved significantly.
- Can withstand immersion in 260 Degree C solder bath for 10s, making the resin more than able to cope with electronic component surface mount technologies.
- Ionic impurities are low, and application is possible in applications where strict electrical properties are demanded.
- Little change in volume resistivity is shown over time, and there is almost no change in dielectric constant due to frequency or temperature. These characteristics make it an excellent insulative material.
- Weld strength is high, and superior secondary process ability (screws, insertion, etc.) is exhibited.

Polyplastics group is a specialized producer of high performance resins known as engineering plastic (ETP's). The product portfolio includes Polyacetal, Polybutylene Terephthalate, advanced engineering plastic such as the in-the-spotlight liquid crystal polymer and Polyphenylene sulfide, and further more the transparent resin cyclic olefin copolymer.