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PP Compounds:
Soltex produces PP compounds based on minerals compounded with polypropylene. Soltex PP compounds have been developed after careful consideration of the final properties required in moulded furniture , cooler body, textile bobbin, mosquito repellent body, washing machine parts, iron body and grinder machine parts. These are specially formulated by compounding PP homopolymer with micronized minerals in the most modern compounding extrusion plants employing the latest state-of-the-art technology. The plants are equipped with sophisticated controls to achieve the desired results from a very high degree of dispersion to the required pellet geometry. Soltex offers PP compounds for automotive applications. It includes elastomer modified UV stabilized PP compounds, mineral filled elastomer modified UV stabilized stearate resistant PP compounds, mineral filled high impact PP compounds, talc filled PP compounds, wollastonite filled PP compounds. We also offer custom made PP compounds as per the customer's requirements.

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