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Polypropylene (PP) from Spheripol Plant

- lndian Oil has set up a Polypropylene plant at Panipat (Haryana) having two production lines with capacity of 300 KTA each.
- The plant is based on the state-of-the-art bulk and gas-phase polymerization technology (Spheripol-11) from Lyondell Basell. Italy.
- The plant is capable of producing homopolymers, block co-polymers & random co-polymers including ter-polymers.
- Spheripol-II is a renowned & well established technology globally and 100 such plants are already operating worldwide with total production of ~20 million MT with market share of around 48%.
- Spheripol-II process is a two stage process.
- Bulk polymerization in loop reactors is capable of producing homo/random/ter-polymers and combination of bulk & gas-phase polymerization is capable of Producing Impact co-polymers.
- Spheripol processes have a capability to produce wide range of products for all applications with consistent product quality.

Key Features of Spheripol-II Technology

- Lower transition time & easy transition for grade changeover.
- Superior lot-to-lot quality consistency.
- Bimodal grades.
- High yield catalyst utilization 8 high production rates
- Absence of solvents for polymerisation & no by-products from the reaction

PP Plant Product Attributes
- PP Plant can produce grades haying broad MFI range of 0,3 to 100 gm/10 min with lower oli gomers and with superior organoleplic properties.
- It can produce reactor grades with very high flexural Modulus (>2000Mpa).
- CR-Grades, superior impact grades and lower SIT random co-polymers.
- The plant can produce PP grades which are used for manufacture packaging films.
- Flat tapes.
- woven sacks.
- Filament yarn and mono/multifilament yarn, pipes, sheets, household items.
- Caps & closures.
- Crates, battery cases, appliances.
- Furniture.
- Products for medical & hospital use, blow moulded bottles & moulded luggage, moulded industrial products.
- Including automotive components like bumper.
- Dashboards, doorframes.
- Non-woven fabric etc.

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