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HDPE Blow Grade

We are the of high density polyethylene (HDPE) grades.
- The HDPE grades offered by us are characterized by high molecular weights and offered in both narrow and broad molecular weight distributions. We also utilize bimodal HDPE grades to produce grades with superior process ability and at the same time mechanical properties of the end products.

1) HDPE Blow ISI Pipe Grade Black

- Being a reputed supplier of reprocessed plastic raw materials, we offer superior quality HDPE grades for fabrication into premium quality pipes with applications across industries. Our team of engineers and technicians ensure proper selection of raw materials to process into HDPE grades suitable to extrude into grades with low melt flow index (MFI) and good melt strength.

- Superior chemical resistance
- Good dimensional tolerance of pipes
- Extremely light weight

2) HDPE Blow Drum Blue

- We are a remarkable entity engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of blow molding grades of high density polyethylene (HDPE). We ensure that our suppliers provide us premium quality raw materials thus helping us in producing grades of consistent quality. We are well supported with a good quality control and a small R&D facility where we test our grades in lab scale molding machines.

- High molecular weight and low MFI
- High melt strength
- Transparent grades for making bottles

3) HDPE Blown Dull Johnson White

- We cater to the expanding market of blown film grade granules replacing the traditionally used low density polyethylene (LDPE) grades. Our film grades are well tested in terms of consistency across batches as well as possess very good melt strength thus ensuring good bubble stability during the film blowing process.

- Very good optical clarity of films
- Use of antioxidants
- Good extensional viscosity of melts

4) HDPE Blow Natural

- Our range of high quality HDPE grades includes high density polyethylene (HDPE) for blow molding applications. This reprocessed grade is close to neat HDPE grade in color and sells as one of the premium grades custom made for blow molding of various types of bottles. We would like to ensure our customers regarding the compliance of this grade to food safety regulations and plan to obtain USFDA certification very soon.

- Food grade material
- Ability to be blown into bottles of different shapes and sizes
- Uniformity in melt strength across batches

5) HDPE Blow Black
- As a reputed manufacturer of molding grades, we offer blow molding grades, HDPE Blow Black being one of premium black grades. Our HDPE Blow Black grade can be used to make blow molded containers/bottles for fuel tanks or other automobile parts. These grades are made from scarps from scrap HDPE bottles, and other consumer and industrial waste plastics.

- Very good chemical resistance
- High thermal stability
- Good flexural properties

6) HDPE Blow Natural White Plant Waste

- Bottles made from HDPE, PP and PET is segregated from amongst industrial wastes at our advanced facilities into the individual plastics. These are then processed in different extruders and prepared into granules/pellets for further processing. Our HDPE Blow Natural White Plant Waste is produced from the scrap sourced from bottles made of virgin HDPE grades with minimal thermal history.

- Good tensile strength
- Can resist water at moderately high temperatures
- Low mold shrinkage properti

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