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LDPE Film Grade

We have film grade LDPE in Western India today with grades transcending processing techniques such as blown film, coat hanger process, and sheet extrusion techniques.
- Film making is a sophisticated process with regards to quality control of the films with respect to thickness distribution and optical properties across the film width.
- Our LDPE grades are prepared in advanced and sophisticated machinery whereby attention is paid to consistency in the flow properties and melt strength of the LDPE grades.

1) LDPE Natural Plant Waste

- We are promoting the use of biodegradable plant waste in the design of our LDPE granules.
- In this way we are increasingly promoting the use of bio grade polymers.
- We have incorporated wood flour waste, sourced from LDPE Natural Plant Waste sourced from the furnisher companies, at different loadings, thereby improving bio-degradability and bringing down the final cost of the materials.

- Green materials
- Eco friendly
- Low cost
- Good stiffness

2) LDPE White

- Our range of LDPE White granules is similar in appearance to the neat LDPE granules.
- Using superior formulation techniques carried by our well trained team of technical experts, we are able to reprocess the raw materials into white granules.
- This enables our customers to add color master batches of their choice during fabrication into finished products.

- Consistency in color across batches
- High melt flow properties
- Available at competitive pricing

3) LDPE Super Natural

- Gamut LDPE grades include LDPE Super Natural grades used for fabrication into a wide range of products such as plastic bags, trays, general purpose containers and various laboratory equipments.
- LDPE Super Natural grades manufactured by possess very high chemical resistance and the products designed from this grade are flexible and virtually unbreakable.

- Translucent to Opaque in appearance
- Can be used to produce very soft and pliable parts
- Can be made into parts that are easily machine able and wieldable

4) LDPE Nat I
- We cater to the rapidly growing packaging industry where LDPE films form the largest and most dynamic category of blown film grades.
- Our LDPE Nat 1 grade is processed from well segregated packaging waste obtained from various food packaging, FMCG as well as from municipal wastes. Our advanced material sorting facility is involved in providing raw materials free of all kinds of contaminants, food items, oils etc through well efficient and environmental friendly chemical treatment techniques.

- Gives good bubble stability of the blown film bubble
- Slip and antilock agents
- High puncture resistance of films

5) LDPE Print

- We are reputed as a supplier of LDPE Print grades and cater to the packaging industry.
- Our range of LDPE grades is ideal for corona treatment post fabrication into films, sheets or molded parts. These grades are available as transparent, translucent and opaque granules.
- Our range of LDPE Print grades have been increasingly used in the packaging industries catering to pharmaceutical, food processing, and injection molding industries in general.

- Good tensile strength of parts
- Superior flexural properties
- High compatibility with color master batches

6) LDPE Blue

- The wide experience of our engineers across the plastics industries and specially in the packaging sector, has led us to develop premium quality LDPE Blue which can be used for making films from blown and cast film techniques.
- The LDPE Blue grade contain added additive to prevent thermal degradation during the melting step in the extruder.
- We have added a premium quality blue color, using high quality color master batch in our highly advanced twin extruders used for efficient mixing of the polymers and master batches.

- Used in packaging applications specially of ice cream covers
- High Elmendorf tear strength of the films
- Good puncture of the films from this grade

7) LDPE Black
- We also cater to the market for low cost and low on mechanical strength polythene bags, very popular in the market as recycled bags especially amongst shop owners who wish to save on the cost of ordinary polythene bags.
- Our range of LDPE Black bags consist of different sizes and are also graded according to amount of filler contents.

- Very low cost
- Black in color so low chances of UV degradation
- High resistance to oxidative degradation
- High resistance to water and dilute acids and alkalis

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