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PP Injection and Extrusion Grades

- We offer a wide range of injection molding and extrusion grades of PP.
- Raw material selection for our products are done keeping mind the melt flow properties as well as targeted mechanical properties of the extruded and injection molded end products.
- Our products contain thermal stabilizers and antioxidants to ensure stability and flow stability during thermal processing. Moreover, our PP grades do not emit toxic gases during both injection molding and extrusion.

1) PP Next to Virgin

- Ability to reprocess and supply PP grades with qualities resembling those of virgin or neat polymers is our specialty.
- We source raw materials from reliable suppliers, with consistency of both the product quality and limited thermal history.
- This ensures uniformity of flow properties as well as minimizes of chances of thermal degradation during thermal processing steps.

- White to transparent in appearance
- Consistency in melt flow index
- Consistency in mechanical properties of end products

Available Products:
- Vp 1003 ++ (sp)
- yp 1003 A

2) PP Natural

- We are able to satisfy our clientele with very high quality polypropylene grades.
- These granules can be used across processes from injection molding to various types of extrusion grades.
- Our PP Natural grades can be used to manufacture a variety of food grade products.
- Owing to its white color, it can be used to manufacture a variety of differently colored products.

- Free flowing granules
- Moisture free
- Consistency in granules/pellet size

Available Products:

- Vp 1003 +
- Vp 1006
- Vp 6252
- Vp 6245

3) PP Dull Natural

- PP Dull Natural is one of the PP grades we offer at competitive prices and find applications in the molding of chairs, small tables and have increasingly replaced PVC as material for manufacturing into toys for children. We offer our customers the choice of this at different melt flow index values according to the intended applications.

- Low mold shrinkage values
- Can be reprocessed with required additives
- Contains adequate antioxidants

4) PP Virgin Color

- With the help of top quality extruders, sourced from international reputed machine manufacturers, we are able to offer PP grades with virgin colors. Our advanced machinery ensuring extrusion of the PP grades in an inert/nitrogen atmosphere, thus preventing thermal degradation and discoloration of our products.

- Optical clarity
- Offered in a range of melt flow indices
- Superior process ability

Available Shades:
- Red
- Blue
- Green
- Parrot Green
- Yellow, Pink
- And total 18 shades.

5) PP Dull Colors

- Our team of experienced engineers has put together a set of advanced processing techniques whereby we have segregated polypropylene grades from various sources to prepare PP grades with minimal color variation. With the help of advanced formulation techniques, we boast of the cheapest quality PP reprocessed grades available in dull colors with the use of non-toxic color masterbatches in these grades.

- Uniformity in color
- Consistency in melt flow properties
- Minimal variation in melting temperature

Available shades:

- Red
- Blue
- Green
- Violet

6) PP Silver

- We are proud to inform our existing and prospective customers about the range of innovative colors in which we have made our PP grades. PP Silver grade is available as both extrusion and injection molding grades and accordingly differs in their melt flow index values (MFI). The higher MFI grades are offered for injection molding operations because of the ease of flow in melt condition, necessary for filling up the mold during the melt injection step. The lower MFI grades are marketed for extrusion applications.

- Good chemical resistance
- Non-hygroscopic
- Good process ability

Available Product:
- Bopp Silver Reprocess

7) PP Black

- We market the high process able PP Black grade as one for the premium products with very good fracture toughness as well as high values for elongation at break. Moreover the broad range of molecular weight distribution of our products enables applications across injection molding and film processing techniques.

- Good UV absorbing properties
- Resistant to oxidative degradation
- High impact properties

Available Products:
- PP V Black (first process)
- PP Super Black.

8) PP White

- As one of the well known plastic granule reprocesses, we take pride in our reputation to supply PP White which are as close to appearance as the virgin PP grade to which white master batches are added. This helps bring down cost as we source our plastic wastes for reprocessing from suppliers at competitive pricing and have gladly passed on the benefit of low cost to our loyal customers.

- Can be molded into several types of household items and kitchenware
- Compatible with color master batches
- Good thermal resistance

Available Products:
- PP V Mky (Plant waste)
- PP Dull White

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