For Sale - RM - 2798


Reference Number

RM - 2798



Product Details

Reprocessed PP Black Copolymer
- Color: Black
- Flow index: 6-12 (g/10min)
- IZOD impact: 1.6-1.8 (ft-lb/in)
- Hardness: 63+/-3 (Shore D)
- Volume: 250 tons / month
- Packing: 600-1000 kgs bags

For producing plastic injection products such as:
- Toolbox
- Farming box (farmers use it to collect crop)
- Plastic tables and chairs etc.

Our current client uses our product to produce toolbox.

Lab test:
- Resin must not present burst or spots in injection process (Passed)
- Xeron Chamber. Sample is put in 60 Degree C temperature chamber for 72hrs with radiation of 0.6 watt/m2 without presenting degradation or change in color (Passed)