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RM - 1899


India, Belgium

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Emulsion PVC plasticized with different plasticizers and in form of a viscous paste is called PLASTISOLS.

E-PVC is the more expansive PVC on the market, and has the highest K-value, which gives to the articles made with the best flexibility and the longer lifetime, as per the truck tarpaulins

During the production of fabric coated with E-PVC Plastisols, a part of the pre-made Plastisols are not used, as "surplus " We offer this virgin materials as "OFF GRADE"

They come from artificial leather, tarpaulin, wall covering paper, floor tile production, and are of various colors and viscosity.

One can jellify them at relatively low temperature ( < 170 °C ) and grind them to obtain pellets reusable either by extrusion for hoses or flexible profiles, or by injection in shoe soles for instance.

Due to their high properties it is also possible to add them with S-PVC soft mixes to reduce cost.

They are not used in Europe due to the cost of manpower to extract Plastisols from drums in which they are conditioned.

Average Composition of E-Pvc Plastisols :
- PVC - Emulsion Type: 40 / 46 %
- Plasticizers DEHP (Di-ethyl-hexyl phthalate) or others: 25 / 30 %
- Filler (CO3Ca): 10 / 15 %
- Colors : 2 / 6 %
- Stabilizers (Baryum, Calcium, Zinc, stearates ) : 1,5 %
- Anti/ UV : 0,015 %