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RM - 1913


Singapore, India

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Thermoplastics Reinforced Engineering Resins: Our thermoplastics reinforce compounds are materials incorporated with reinforcement or a combination of reinforcing fibers in an engineering resin matrix.

Typical applications include gears, cams, mounting chassis for computers, printer chassis, connectors, chip carriers and bobbins for electrical / electronic products.

Our thermoplastic reinforced compounds are toughened with high strength glass fiber or a combination of reinforcing fiber. This new compound can be customized to different ratios of toughness and stiffness.

It eventually helps to prevent structural fractures, dents and failure. In a word, it serves to extend product life, especially beneficial for products that experience severe physical abuse.

Reinforcement materials: Chopped fiber, Mineral fiber, Aramid fibers, Carbon fiber

In addition to achieving structural properties unique to your needs, you will also benefit from:
- The capability to balance toughness and stiffness.
- Colour - ability
- Process - ability
- Dimensional stability
- Unlimited variety of compositions such as variation in lubricants, additives, heat stabilizers, fillers, mould release, reinforcement type and or percentage driven.
- The ability to meet additional functional requirements like flame inhibition and conductivity.

Through our custom compounding technology, each reinforced compound can achieve a unique combination of structural properties to any specification