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RM - 2287



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PC - PBT: A compounded blend of Polycarbonate and PBT. The PC contributes impact, stiffness and heat resistance, while the PBT contributes chemical resistance. The PC in the blend overcomes the usual moisture sensitivity of the crystalline PBT. Some grades are made using PET instead of PBT.
- Impact resistance
- Low temperature impact resistance, ductility
- Heat resistance
- Chemical resistance

PC/PBT is effective where impact and chemical resistance are needed, and where low temperature impact, requiring a ductile failure mode (non-shattering breaks) is necessary. Applications such as bumpers and body moldings on autos and lawn & garden
Equipment, where toughness and resistance to stress cracking from fuels and lubricating
Fluids are required are good uses for PC/PBT. The shrinkage varies based upon the relative content of the PBT, and therefore tool may be unique for this material, that is, it is not easy to substitute it for other polymers.

- Automotive bumpers
- Automotive side moldings
- Lawn and garden tractor hoods
- Hand tool housings
- Irrigation components
- Wiring connectors (PC/PET)