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RM - 1786



Product Details

PVC compound for Wires and cables:

We are the leading manufacturer or premium PVC compounds for the cable industry. The product portfolio spans a diverse range of applications-electrical, telecom, house wiring and automotive.

The compounds conform to various Indian and international standards

Applications of our PVC Compounds

- Power
- Control and Instrumentation
- Winding Wire for Submersible Pump Motor
- Three Core Flat Cables
- Appliance Cords
- Detonator Fuse
- Electrical Plugs and Connectors

Compounds are available for both insulation and sheathing.

House Wiring:
- General Purpose Wire
- Flame Retardant Wire
- Flame Retardant Low Smoke Wire

- Signaling Cables
- Telephone Cables
- Self-supporting Drop Wire
- Jumper Wire
- Switch Board Cables
- Coaxial TV Cables
- LAN Cables

Automobile Cable:
- AV, AVS and AVSS Cables
- Battery Cables
- Mechanical Control Cable