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RM - 1788



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PVC compound for Footwear:
Footwear should protect the feet from exterior harshness, while giving comfort with style. OUR compounds are designed to meet the performance and aesthetic requirement of footwear manufacturers by creating cost-effective specialty compounds.

Footwear grade compounds are designed for applications like unit soles, uppers, mid-soles and slippers. Compounds are customized according to the requirements of footwear manufacturers. The entire product range is underlined with durability, flexibility, abrasion resistance and customized color matching. They are designed to face challenging conditions such as extremes of temperatures, oil and chemical environment. Compounds are suitable for use in rotary, vertical semiautomatic injection molding machines and extruders.

The portfolio includes Compact and Foamed PVC grades and PVC blends including heavy metal-free variants. Efficient customer service and processing assistance provide customers with end-to-end support.