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RM - 2058



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We are offering hi performance PVC compounds available in wide range of application like rigid to flexible, transparent to opaque, glossy to matt, non toxic etc. So that it meets quality parameters of the finished products.

Application of our vinyl compounds

- Electrical and Electronics Application: Wire and cable, high frequency cable, Telecommunication Cable, Industrial Cable, Cords, channels cable ducts, junction box, conducts, trucking switches, fitting connector cabs, casing N capping, Jacketing etc. HR, FR, FRLS, insulation and sheathing.

- Excellent volume resistively and insulation resistant.
- Excellent thermal stability.
- Excellent Di electric strength Arc resistant.
- FRLS- having low smoke density, low HCL generation over high limiting of oxygen Index (LOI).
- HR having excellent thermal stability over high heat bearing capacity.
- Compiles all national and international test standards like, IS-5831, 694, 1554, 9968, 6380.
- FRLS-meets IREDA specification and UL-94.

- Non toxic applications: Food and Packaging: Seals for crown caps bottle and jars for shampoo, wafer confectionery, toys, novelties, shrinkable film, blister packaging watch strap etc.

- Available in transparent to opaque ranges.
- Rigid to soft.
- Compiles to all national and international standard like, USP, IP-96, CFTRI, ITS, FDA, ISI-standard.