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RM - 2144



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PVC Blends and Compounds with exacting specifiactions

Properties: Good physical properties, Long term stability, Good Flammability properties & resistance and Good Electrical Properties. Complying with FDA, USP, Class VI, VII XXVII & EN 71-3.

- Medical Applications: Flanges for Copper-T, Oxygen Mask, IV-Tunes, Regulators, Blood bags, Urine bags, Glucose bags, etc…
- Food & Packaging Application: Bottles, Blister packaging Films, Crown caps.
- Electrical & Electronics: Appliance components, Boxes, Connectors, Office Equipment, Tapes, Cable insulation, Sheathing, Flame retardant sheathing, Flame retardant-Low smoke sheathing, High temperature cable applications, Non migratory sheathing, Welding cables, etc.
- Industrial Application: Petrol tubes, Weather stripping, Conduit, Pipes, Toys, Novelties, Bookbinding, Footwear, Garden Hose Pipe, Handbags, Luggage, Shoe sole, etc.
- Building, construction and consumer: Window profile, weather stripping, conduit, pipes, window frames, pipes, toys, novelties, bookbinding, footwear, garden hose pipe, handbags, luggage, shoe sole etc.