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Addonn family of polypropylene based products covers a wide range of applications, markets and performance requirements.
Standard grades are compounded with calcium carbonate, glass and talc to provide a desired balance of properties including stiffness, durability, impact resistance and heat resistance.
Custom grades are available with features such as UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers, custom color, high impact, etc.
Our Compounding Solution Include:-
Glass Filled (10%-50%)
Heat and UV Stabilization
Flame Retardant
Custom Color
Mineral Filled (10%-50%)
Impact Modification - Medium & Super Tough Grades
Anti-friction/Anti-wear- Graphite, MOS2, PTFE Filled
ROHS Compliance Grades

PP Talc Filled Compound 30%
Color:- Black
Usage/Application:- Engineering Plastics
Material:- Poly Propylene
Form:- Pellets
Brand:- Addon
Packaging Type:- Poly Bag
Tensile Strength:- 21.5 Mpa
Product Feature:- Heat Stabilizer
Processing Method:- Injection Molding
Tensile Elongation:- 7.5%
Shrinkage:- 0.88%

30% PP Talc Filled Granule is a talc filled copolymer polypropylene compound.
It is a low to medium flow injection moulding grade developed for rigid components requiring good impact strength and stabilized to meet automotive heat ageing requirements.

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