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Addonn family of polypropylene based products covers a wide range of applications, markets and performance requirements.
Standard grades are compounded with calcium carbonate, glass and talc to provide a desired balance of properties including stiffness, durability, impact resistance and heat resistance.
Custom grades are available with features such as UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers, custom color, high impact, etc.

Our Compounding Solution Include:-
Glass Filled (10%-50%)
Heat and UV Stabilization
Flame Retardant
Custom Color
Mineral Filled (10%-50%)
Impact Modification - Medium & Super Tough Grades
Anti-friction/Anti-wear- Graphite, MOS2, PTFE Filled
ROHS Compliance Grades

PP Granules For Face Mask Melt Blown Fabric MFI 1500
Minimum Order Quantity:- 100 Kg
Density:- 0.9
Plastic Type:- Natural Granules
Color:- Natural
Usage/Application:- Melt Blown Fabric
Material:- Poly Propylene
Form:- Pellets
Brand:- ADDONN
Packaging Type:- Poly Bag
Packaging Size:- 25 Kgs
Melting Point:- 150-170
Grade:- Virgin
Melt Flow Rate:- 400-1500
Recycled :- No

Melt-Blown PP material is a special raw material for melt-blown non-woven fabrics researched,developed and produced by Dawn Polymer.

It is made of high-quality polypropylene as the basic raw material and is produced by international leading processing technology which has stable fluidity,narrow molecular weight distribution, low ash content,no other product residue, excellent spinning performance and other excellent characteristics.

Customized Compounding of this grade can be done with Melt Flow Index:-
MFI 400
MFI 600
MFI 800
MFI 1200
MFI 1500

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