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Tape Winder


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Lohia Corp Limited offers a wide range of precision and step precision winding machines designed for winding flat or fibrillated PP/HDPE tapes across a multitude of specifications in terms of tape width and denier.
The warp & weft bobbins produced can be used in both circular and flat looms.

Engineered for good bobbin quality at high speeds, our winders are energy efficient, easy to maintain and help in ensuring better loom efficiencies with high quality fabric.

The winders are classified under three distinct series – CM/FM series, CE/FE series and autoroto series.

Precision Winders:-
CM/FM Series are a class of precision winders in which each spindle is driven by an AC motor with individual frequency inverter.
The drive transmission for traverse mechanism is via timing belts and pulleys.

High speed precision winding
Excellent bobbin quality
Low energy consumption
Increased weaving efficiencies

Step Precision Winders:-
CE/FE Series of step precision winders are equipped with electronic gearing between the metallic traverse cam and the spindle.
This allows for a dynamic change of gear ratio (winding ratio) depending on bobbin diameter.

High speed precision winding
Excellent bobbin quality
Low energy consumption
Increase d weaving efficiencies

Heavy duty step precision winder:-
These heavy duty take up winders are developed for winding of fibrillated tapes, technical/coated/stretched yarns.

Technical Specifications
Model:- LTW/LFW 500 JE
Tape Type:- PP Fibrillated
Denier Range:- 10,000 - 100,000
Winding Tension:- 1,000 - 10,000cN
Traverse:- 500 mm
Take Up Spindle:- 105 mm Tubeless
Maximum Bobbin Diameter:- 700 mm
Winding Speed Mechanical:- 70 - 300 m/min
Take-Up Weight (max.):- 100 kg

LTW/LFW -250/300 v3:-
The step precision take up winding machine is equipped with electronic gearing between traverse cam and the spindle.
The electronic gearing helps in eliminating the complications of changing gears for processing variety of tapes for different applications.
It allows a dynamic change of gear (winding) ratio depending on bobbin diameter, to optimize the bobbin build up in terms of crossing angle.
Better quality of fabric can be produced due to controlled unwinding tension of the warp and weft packages.

Enhanced ability for winding difficult tapes/yarns
Less wear and tear in traverse unit, thus low maintenance
Back pressure can be optimized centrally through pneumatics

Autoroto series:-
Lohia’s autoroto 200 series offers the latest in tape winding for producing quality bobbins of flat/fibrillated tapes.
Specially designed to meet the stringent demands of efficient and cost effective winding, the technology in autoroto enables automatic changeover from full package to empty bobbin, including tape transfer.

Equal length of tape in all bobbins, with the length of tape on bobbin or diameter of the bobbin being user adjustable.

Division of the winders from one to four groups, for producing different lengths & diameters of bobbins (e.g warp, weft).

Reduced use of suction gun resulting in lower air consumption
Reduced wastage levels
Increased machine efficiency
Reduced fatigue levels of operators
Better production planning

Autoroto 200 V4:-
Autoroto 200 v4 is the latest in the series of tape winders for producing quality bobbins of polyolefin flat / fibrillated tapes.

This technology enables automatic changeover of bobbins.
It is especially designed to meet the ever increasing demand of efficient and cost-effective tape winding.

Single and Double Tape Winding
Automatic Changeover
Reduced Wastage Levels
Lesser Effort in Doffing

Autoroto 200CF v4
Autoroto 200CT v4
Bobbin Changeover:- At preset length
Winding Ratio:- Electronically programmable
Tape Width Range:- 1 end 1.8 - 6.0 mm
2 ends 0.9 - 2.0 mm
Denier Range:- 500 - 3000
Length of Traverse:- 35 mm
Bobbin Core – Length:- 218 mm
Winding Speed Mechanical (max.):- 200 - 600 m/min
Max. Bobbin Diameter:- 200 mm

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