For Sale - PNE - 1618 - Rotogravure Printing Machine


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PNE - 1618


Rotogravure Printing Machine
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Product Details

Key Features:

1. Applicable Print Material: Paper : 23g/m2 ~ 80g/m2, Film : thickness 0.02mm ~ 0.10mm.

2. Suitable Products: Wallpaper, decoration paper, packing paper, transfer printing paper, plastic floor bricks.


a. One time operation covering: primer + figured finish + coating / polishing.

b. Using the patented even-pressed-roll to make the printed object smoothly and evenly.

c. Proximate roll makes the rewinding even & smoothly and middle press roll makes the printing press evenly.

d. Intelligent operation by using middle/large type of PLC, setting parameters and operation procedures.

e. More patented designs for customer specific requirements, please contact us for the details.