For Sale - PNE - 1620 - Rotogravure Coating Printing Machine


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PNE - 1620


Rotogravure Coating Printing Machine
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Product Details

Key Features:

Applicable Print Material:Paper: 23g/m2 ~ 80g/m2, Film: thickness 0.02mm ~ 0.10mm

Suitable Products: Wallpaper, decoration paper, packing paper, transferred printing paper, plastic floor bricks.


a. Suitable for making samples, matching colors, testing print, small quantity but varied printing.

b. Low tension but high quality, single-way in & out, draw-out type press roll, proximate roll rewinding, generating the good and clear layers even under the slow printing speed.

c. Using the patented even-press-roll to make the printing object smoothly and evenly.

d. Proximate-roll makes the rewinding even & smoothly and middle-press-roll makes the printing press evenly.

e. Intelligent operation by using middle/large PLC, setting parameters and operation procedures.