For Sale - PNE - 1714 - 6 colour Flexo Printing Press


Reference Numbers

PNE - 1714


6 colour Flexo Printing Press

Product Details

- Forward inching facility (Jogging)
- Auto stop for Web break
- Temperature controller for heater ensures power saving
- Individual air controller for each station
- Control panel with Digital AC drive
- Impression rollers and Anilox Rollers are dynamically balanced, ground and hard chrome plated
- Helical gears for reduced play, smooth movement and long life
- Silent and powerful drying system
- Manual Registration Adjustments:
Horizontal: +/-15mm with locking
Vertical: +/-15mm

Web widths - 510mm to 1510mm
Print widths - 410mm to 1410mm
Printing Repeats - 230mm to 1000mm
Printing Possibilities - 6+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3
Printing Speed - 50 meters / minute maximum
Power Requirement
- Main Motor 5-HP.AC
- Blowers 3-HP.AC 2 and 0.5-HP.AC.
- Heating Load 16 kw
Floor Space - Length 5.5 meters
- Width 3 meters
- Height 3 meters

Weight - 5,500 kgs (approx)

Optional Features:
- Web guide system
- Tension control system
- Auto throw ON - Throw OFF for plate cylinder
- Continuous rotation of inking rollers with hydraulic motors
- Lubrication system
- Doctor Blade system
- Ceramics Anilox Rolls
- Exhaust System
- Motorized and Synchronized Rewinding stations

The Drying System - Specially modified and easier to operate Drying system. It can attain maximum temperature. Quick drying. Higher printing speed.

Substrates Printable - Corona Treated Plastic Films, HMHDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, Polypropylene, Polyester, Pearlised Polyester, B.O.P.P., Pearlised B.O.P.P., Thin Foam Sheets, Paper and Aluminum Foils etc.

Duplex System - Two unwind and rewind stations to print two different jobs at the same time.

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