For Sale - PNE - 2050 - Rotogravure Printing Machine


Reference Number

PNE - 2050


Rotogravure Printing Machine



Product Details

We offer roto printing press for
- Substrate: Film, Foil, Paper, Polyester, LD, PP etc.
- No. of Colours: 1 to 10
- Printing Speed: 100 to 200 m/min
- Cylinder Dia.: Minimum 110 mm. Maximum 240 mm
- Drive: AC or DC with Infeed and Outfeed
- Impression system is controlled by pneumatic pressure or manually
- Doctor blade is adjusted by pneumatic pressure or manually
- Control of longitudinal registration manually or motorized with ball screw
- Lateral registration by sliding printing cylinder
- Air nozzle covered drying chamber complete with sealed heaters, blower.
- Wrinkle removing aluminum web rollers are dynamically balanced
- Quick change over system for impression rubber roller, printing cylinder and doctor blade.