For Sale - PNE - 2092 - Manual Hot Foil Stamping Machine


Reference Number

PNE - 2092


Manual Hot Foil Stamping Machine



Product Details

We manufacture Hot Stamping Machine for a variety of articles like leather wallets, diary covers, book covers, pens, pencils, greeting cards, visiting cards, letter heads, envelopes, industrial products, advertising gift products, plastic pats, cosmetic containers, etc. for aesthetic outlook. This machine is suitable for smaller and medium production runs.
The machine incorporates a unique toggle mechanism which enables the operator to use very little energy to get a large stamping pressure. This mechanism also allows for a very large movement of the stamping plate whereby the operator can easily load and unload the object to be stamped.

- Well designed, simple and rugged 'C' frames construction.
- Powder Coating and special treatments make it highly corrosion resistant.
- Accurate digital temperature controller with a range of 0 to 400 degree Celsius
- Easy leveling of stamping plate.
- Unique double action toggle for maximum force advantage and large stroke.
- Cartridge type heaters for long life and easy replacement.
- Easy removal of stamping plate for replacement of dies.
- Automatic foil advance after every stroke, infinitely adjustable.
- Easy height adjustable to accommodate various job sizes.

Our Hot foil stamping machines include other models:
- Pneumatically operated hot foil stamping machines for flat and round objects.
- Hot foil stamping machines with rotary table.
- Foil roll cutting machine.
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- Special purpose machines to suit your requirements.