For Sale - PNE - 2179 - Orion 8 Colour Printing Machine


Reference Number

PNE - 2179


Orion 8 Colour Printing Machine

Product Details

We offer Orion as a value for money printing machine

Pneumatically Operated Systems:
- Doctor Blade System:
The sturdy doctor blade system slides on ball-bushing which eliminates stick - slip problems. The doctoring position is adjustable - Horizontally, Angularly, Vertically

Impression Roller System: The impression roller is operated pneumatically. It is possible for the system to accept hollow as well as shaft type impression rollers with simple and swift changeovers.

Drying system: The drying system is driven by pneumatically operated drying hoods that blow hot air to the substrate through nozzles offering a constant width continuous slot, with backing rollers to support the web to ensure that the substrate being printed is not disturbed even at high speeds.

5 Motor Drives (5 MD) technology for:
- Unwind Station
- In feed Station
- Main Printing Station
- Out Feed Station
- Rewind Station

Main Drive and Line Transmission System: There are Individual gearboxes at each printing station of the mechanical shaft to drive the printing unit. It also features clamping of the printing cylinder to the gearbox via male / female gears, which enables operator to easily engage or disengage the printing station while in working condition.

Printing Cylinder Changeover System: The cylinder shaft assembly has been designed to accept hollow as well as shaft type printing cylinders. The robust design helps maintain consistency even at high speeds. The tapering design of the shaft enables the operator to perform quick and easy changeovers, leaving the shaft support housing undisturbed.

Standard Features:
- 5MD AC Drive Technology
- Electronic Edge Guide System
- Automatic Registration Controller with Web Video System

Optional features:
- Turret Unwind and Rewind System
- Motorized Ink Pumps
- Viscosity Controller