For Sale - PNE - 2289 - High Speed Closure Pad Printing Machine


Reference Number

PNE - 2289


High Speed Closure Pad Printing Machine



Product Details

- Product: Beverage Caps, Liquor Bottle Caps
- No. Of colors: Single color-Multicolor
- Product Dimensions: 25-32 mm dia
- Material Substrate: PP, HDPE
- Max Output: 5000-20000 caps per hr as per your requirement

System Highlights
- Pad Printing Machine for Printing single-multicolor on 25-32 mm caps
- Different machine models etc can be used as per the output and no of color printing required
- Complete automation with auto feeding, orienting and auto unloading system
- Online Pre treatment system like Flame/Corona Treatment system
- Online Post Curing system like IR Curing system
- Unloading conveyor
- Belt conveyor for inspection & to carry the printed components
- PLC based system
- Pad Cleaning System
- No Product no Print System