For Sale - PNE - 2298 - Roll to Roll Six Colour Flexographic Printing Machine


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PNE - 2298


Roll to Roll Six Colour Flexographic Printing Machine


Pragati Flex Engineers

Product Details

The engineering design of Pragati-Flex provides the plastic packaging industry a technical machine concept for and optimum variety of flexographic printing applications. The range of application covers particularly the printing of flexible packaging means such as low density and high density polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and co-extruded film, tissue paper, BOPP etc. Technical design and performance of the pragati-flex have proved various advantages like
- Ease of operation
- Highly precise printing quality
- High Speed
- Registration accuracy
- High efficiency
- High economy

Technical Data
- Standard Printing Width 20-40 Inches
Other width Sizes as per Customer Requirements.
- Printing Length Minimum: 8 inches
- Maximum Printing Length: 45 inches
- Printing speed: 50 to 80 mts/min
- Unwind/Rewind Roller Diameter: 30 inches
- Main Drive: 5 HP DC Motor
- Heating Load: 9 kw
- Longitudinal Register: 40mm
- Transverse Register: +/- 15 mm

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