For Sale - PNE - 2354 - 6 Color Dry Offset Printing Machine for Thermoforming Cups


Reference Number

PNE - 2354


6 Color Dry Offset Printing Machine for Thermoforming Cups


Patel Precision Machinery - India

Product Details

Main Features: The Machine is equipped with the following attachment:
- Auto Loading Unit
- Indexing Unit
- Print Unit
- UV Curing System
- Unloading & Stacking Unit

One Stack Loader: This device delivers stacks of containers on demand to the auto loader for feeding into the universal auto loader.

One high performance universal auto loader for high speed operation, container feeding for all common rib size with in the machine range is possible by a single device. A synchronized drive system ensures flow-less container loading to match operational speed.

The dry offset printing machine is provided with individual hinged (swing type) colour heads which can open and close very easily by a single lever.

All the eight mandrills' spins at the flame treatment station and at UV Curing station, all the mandrills are easily adjustable.

There are Helical Anti Backlash Gears mounted parallel on the printing cylinder shaft for perfection of printing registration.

There is a special attachment (a device) for micrometer adjustment for Axial, Peripheral and Pressure adjustment on each printing cylinder from outside, which assures and may not spoil printing effect.

All the colour heads are design with oscillating rollers and form rollers, which are easily and quickly adjustable for parallelism with associated rollers.

There are individual inking fountains for better flow of inks, giving a constant consistency of ink flow to the reciprocation rollers to nyloplates.

A special ink agitation is provided in ink fountain.

There are fine grinded SS Nyloplates cylinder (Printing Cylinder) synchronized with one master drum (blanket drum) all the printing cylinders having the capacity to cover the full printing length (circumference).

You can stack 50ml and 100ml cups after curing.

Easy and quick adjustable system for UV Box, for adjusting the distance between the cups and UV Lamps.

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