For Sale - PNE - 2358 - Rotogravure Printing Machine


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PNE - 2358


Rotogravure Printing Machine



Product Details

We manufacture new generation of Rotogravure Press led by Electronic line shaft technology (Shaft-less technology) All the printing stations, Unwinder, rewinder, in-feed and out-feed are individually controlled and supervised by high performance PC having its own intelligent software which mainly calculates virtual master position of an electronic line shaft to control each print station independently as far as speed and cylinder positioning are concerned.

Fiber optic 'BUS SYSTEM' used for maintaining tight Synchronization between all the drives by providing fast, reliable and errorless communication.

Salient Features:
- Carefully and methodically machined strong and sturdy heavy-duty frame structure, maintains accuracy over long dependable life. This distinctively designed frame structure ensures less vibration even with optimum line speed
- Automatic length registers control system.
- Electro-electric web guiding system consists of ultrasonic edge sensor and PMDC motor, etc. on unwind station. Air shaft and set of safety chucks on unwind and rewind station.
- Motorized web video inspection system consists of high quality CCD color camera, Industrial PC & 17" Monitor (facilitates sequential inspection of the lateral and entire print repeat of the web)
- Pneumatically operated impression rubber rollers.
- Pneumatically operated multi angle doctor blade system, laterally displaced on linear motion guide ways, with ink splash guards
- Master operator control panel mainly consists of full colored touch screen operator interface on rewind side and remote operator control panel at unwind side.
- High efficient drying system consists of high velocity centrifugal blower and temperature controlled electrical heat exchanger. Solvent extraction system exhausts contaminated air from all the printing stations.
- Electric / pneumatic ink circulating pump.
- Slave control panel on each station for manual length reg. control, temperature control and pneumatic system control etc

Optional Attachments: Turret type Unwind and Rewind reel station with automatic splicing (Automatic reel change over takes place without stopping machine)

Oil or gas fired thermic fluid heating system (instead of electrical heating system) :The system consists of main Boiler and Radiator (heat exchanger) on each printing station with necessary valves, fittings etc.