For Sale - PNE - 2831 - Automatic Screen Printing Machine


Reference Number

PNE - 2831


Automatic Screen Printing Machine



Product Details

- Fully automatic, high speed, sharp registration.
- Selection of mode between auto and manual cycle with inching facility.
- On line Flame treatment with safety mechanism.
- After feeding containers in to the conveyor chute, they are automatically conveyed through pneumatically operated system to printing station and discharged to carrying device.
- Built in air inflating system for thin walled containers to maintain rigidity of diameter of the container.
- Base holder is driven by a FHP A.C. geared motor to search and locate the bottom Registration notch of the container and once it is located and locked, the rotation slips by a spring loaded fibre disc clutch.
- A.C. motor and Gear box with variable pulley as a main drive for constant machine speed as required, depends on container size.
- No bottle no print feature.
- Micro adjustment facility in ‘X' ‘Y' and ‘Z' axis of the screen.
- Printing squeeze and Ink retarder squeeze angle can be individually set to suit unevenness of the container.
- Easy centering of squeegee on the screen while the machine is in motion for achieving accurate and sharp print results.
- Micro setting of squeegee pressure while the machine is in motion for the safety of the screen.
- Can be synchronized with dryer.
- Quick change over with easy adjustments in a short time.
- Accurate registration using registration motor.
Technical Specifications:
- Container: Round & Conical
- Printing Dimensions: Max. Dia -210 mm. Min dia-80 mm Max. Length – 300 mm (base to mouth)
- Max. Printing Length: 660 mm (circumference)
- Max. Printing width: 300 mm (cylindrical straight length)
- Main drive: 1 HP- 3ph 440V AC-Motor
- Variable speed control: Continuous variable speed pulley mechanism.
- Container Registration Drive: 1/10-FHP AC-Geared Motor
- Pneumatic Pressure: 6 kg/cm2
- Air Consumption: 350 LPM
- Impression per Hour: 2400 Nos. (Max)
- Container Drying: Conveyor Dryer Connection Facility.
- Container Treatment: On Line Flame Treatment using LPG & Air.