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Heat Transfer Machines


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Techno Print heat transfer machines are built with superior technology and ease of operation.
Ideal for hot stamping - heat transferring prints, patterns or custom designs on variety of materials like: all types of plastics including PET, wood, textile, glass, stainless steel etc.
We provide a full plant set-up in a very short time, with full support of training, spare parts and after sales service.
Our heat transfer machines are exported to Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, UAE etc.

Salient features of the machine:
- First time in India - rigid and sturdy vibration free cast iron body. Vital requirement for heat transfer / printing process.
- Compact construction.
- User friendly and easy to operate
- Requires 3' x 3' floor space
- Operates on 2.5 KW resulting in 40 percent less power consumption compared to conventional machines.
- Infrared imported ceramic heater provides longer life resulting in dual benefit of economical power consumption and longer performance life.
- Smooth running of all linear movements due to improved technology and research application.

Advantages of Heat transfer:
- Brightness and brilliance none can match
- Very high resolution printing images
- Special Pantone colour shades available
- Photo quality images
- Holographic effect with colour print
- Your protection against spurious duplicators
- Silver and golden metallised effects
- Ideal for different types of plastics

Unique properties:
Available in different property characteristics like: resistance to chemicals to suit your requirements like alcohol, detergent, alkaline, acidic and other special requirements.

- Print is water and weather proof.
- UV resistant
- Normal heat resistant
- Scratch resistant
- Peel proof
- Fade proof

Our machines mainly used in household, thermoware, kids utility products, stationery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other packaging materials.

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