For Sale - PNE - 4373 - 2 to 8 Colour Double Track Flexographic Printing Press


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PNE - 4373


2 to 8 Colour Double Track Flexographic Printing Press


Perfect Printgraph Engineers LLP, India

Product Details

Series: Double Track Series
Number of Printing Station: 2 to 8 Color.
Web Width: 500 mm to 1500 mm (250 mm + 250 mm to 750 mm + 750 mm).
Print Width: 400 mm to 1400 mm (200 mm + 200 mm to 700 mm + 700 mm).
Printing Repeat: 350 mm to 800 mm.
Maximum Reel Outer Diameter at Unwind & Rewind Station: 800 mm.
Maximum Reel Weight at Unwind & Rewind Station: 250 kgs.
Printing Possibilities: Variable as per no of color of Machine.
Mechanical Speed: 80 Meter per minute.
Printing Speed: 70 Meter per minute.
Power Requirement: Variable as per Machine.
Supply Voltage: 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Cycles / sec, 4 wire or as required.
Floor Space Length/Width/Height: Variable as per machine.
Substrates Printable: LD, LLDPE, HM, HDPE, P.P - Extruded Plastic Films.

Features of the Machines:
4 Motor drives technology for:
- Main Printing Station
- Unwind Station
- Outfeed Station
- Rewind Station

- Opto electronic web guiding system:
Digitally controlled web guiding for precise guiding of web

- Automatic tension control system :
AC motor drive technology for precise tension control and load cell feedback control provided on unwind, outfeed and rewind station to maintain uniform tension throughout the entire roll.

- Automatic movement of the printing decks by precise circulating ball screws with motorised advancement.

- Motorised transversal printing tension of register controlled via PCL.

- Human Machine Interface (touch screen controls).

- Pneumatic system :
Provided for continuous rotation of inking rollers and auto lifting of plate cylinders when machine is printing in OFF mode. This prevents drying of inks on the Anilox Roll.

- Chamber doctor blade system:
For uniform and controlled ink supply on the anilox roll.

- Ceramic anilox rolls:
Higher mesh laser engraved anilox rollers for precise transfer of ink to achieve better and enhanced print quality.

- Motorised ink pump
Air operated pumps for controlled circulation of ink between ink tank and chamber doctor blade.

- Web video system:
Web inspection system, equipped with high quality color camera, quick zoom & split screen, mounted on motorised traverse bar to monitor complete print at all speeds.

- Pneumatic shaft:
Provided on unwind and rewind stations for quick and easy loading and unloading of the parent roll.

- Pneumatically operated nip rollers:
To maintain uniform and precise tension at printing, infeed and outfeed stations.

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