For Sale - PR - 3190 - Q-Bag Baffle & Ventilated Bags


Reference Number

PR - 3190


Q-Bag Baffle & Ventilated Bags



Product Details

1) Q-Bag / Baffle Bag
A standard bag is flexible in nature and can bulge at the sides when filled losing it’s square shape. Baffles are extra fabric panels or pieces of string sewn into each of the bag’s four corners. This reinforcement allows the bag to better hold it’s square shape when filled making them easier to store side by side or stack.
4-panel baffle bags are constructed with four individual pieces sewn together to form a square structure. When filled, a 4-Panel baffle bag will hold it's square shape. Typically a 4-panel baffle bag will hold its shape better than the U-panel baffle bag, and a U-panel baffle bag will hold it’s shape better than a circular bag.

2) Ventilated Bags

Double dust-proof seams / Anti dust / filler cord / sift proof seams
Top permeter band
Loop protectors
Stevedore loops
Document pocket / zip-lock pouch
Velcro closure
B-lock + rope/cord closure
Colored fabric
Up to 4 color printing