For Sale - UM - 19058 - 1200 MM Rotomec Lamination & Coating Machine


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UM - 19058


1200 MM Rotomec Lamination & Coating Machine

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Product Details

Application:- Lamination + coating
Type of lamination/coating:- Water based, solvent based and solventless
Overhaul/renovation:- Machine had several upgrades and renovations in last few years
Working width (mm):- 1200
Materials:- Primary unwind material Board/Paper and secondary unwind alluminium foil/film/paper
Speed:- 300 m/min
First unwinder type:- Turret
Max diameter reel unwinder:- 1800
Secondary unwinder type:- Single
Max diameter reel unwinder:- 1200
Rewinder type:- Turret
Max diameter reel rewinder:- 1800
Coating unit:- Direct gravure or in direct gravure (semi flexo). Wet deposit 3-6 gsm
Second Coating unit:- 4 roller unit for solventless glue
Drying:- three-section gas-heated oven with recirculation and connection to air treating system. total drying length approx 8 m
Pumping mixing unit:- 1 component moisture curing polyurethane adhesive